Vapetrick Competition

The competition will hold on 2nd Dec, 2018 in Oceania Vape Expo ASB Showgrounds from 13:00 pm to 17:00 pm. Fill out the form below and join us if you are interested in.

activities schedule

First Oceania International Vape Expo will hold in ASB Showground, Auckland NZ. Top brands from all over the world gathered in New Zealand to build up the Oceania grand vape meeting together. Over 100 exhibitors, 200 brands has joined us and bring more than 500 new products and will be released on the show. The most famous buyers, distributors and brands attended the show to guarantee your exhibition result. Global vapours get together.

1-Quit Smoking Campaign--December 1st -2nd , all day-- Vape Expo Japan Booth D25

Quit Smoking Campaign--December 1th-2nd, all day-- Vape Expo Japan Booth D25 this activity aims to advocate health lifestyle and attract people who want to quit smoking and know more about vape.

2-Opening Ceremony -- December 1st, 10am - 11am—Main stage

Opening Ceremony -- December 1th, 10am - 12am—Main stage We invited many official from NZ and Australia. They will attend the opening ceremony and give simple speech.

3-Vapetrick School-- December 1st & 2nd , 10:20am – 11:20am—Chill out

Vapetrick School-- December 1th, 1pm - 2pm & December 2nd, 1pm - 2pm—Chill out Learn vape tricks from famous vapors.

4-Round Table Discussion-- December 1st, 2pm - 3:20pm—Main Stage

Round Table Discussion-- December 1th, 2pm - 3:20pm—Main StageDiscuss the current situation of the vape industry in Oceania. Sam and Brian from Australia will bring the vision of the market as both consumer and seller. Nancy will discuss and present the current vape industry situation in New Zealand and around the world. Dr. Marewa specializes in the study of the benefits of vape products and will present the latest research and results that are helping the industry to grow and evolve.

5-New Product Release-- December 1st, 13:00pm – 13:45pm & 15:45pm--17:00pm– Main Stage

New Product Release-- December 2nd, 10am - 12am – Main Stage Space for new brands with new products. We will also have discount products to increase competition and increase the purchase of products inside the expo.

6-Vapen Bogan Giveaway-- December 2nd, 11:20am – 12:20am – Main Stage

Vapen Bogan Giveaway-- December 1th, 3.30pm - 4pm – Main Stage He will be present during the 2 days of the event as a special guest where he will participate in promotions and events with visitors and exhibitors. Want to meet the biggest vape YouTube in Oceania? Come check out our first Vape Expo in Oceania and be amazed by all the new guests and activities.

7-Cloud & Trick Competition-- December 2nd, 2pm - 4:30pm – Main Stage

Cloud & Trick Competition-- December 2nd, 2pm - 4:30pm – Main Stage A great platform and chance for vape enthusiast to hang out. With partner of exhibitors we will reward the best vapor.

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    Cloud chasing Vipetrick Both
  • Note: All players must be over 18 years old
    Rules for Vapetrick Competition: The participant will be able to choose a Combo of tricks with duration of 90 seconds. The best Combo will be judged by the judges who will give the note to each Combo. The highest note will earn 1,000 NZD.
    Rules for Vape Cloud Competition: The judges will judge the best and biggest vape cloud. The highest note will earn 1,000 NZD.
    The benchmarks is a composite rating based on difficulty, structure, performance, perfection, whole evaluation contest Please sign in early on the official website。

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