CECMOL Vape Expo

CECMOL, as the the pioneer and founder of Chinese International Vape Exhibition ,organize Beijing Vape Expo and Shanghai Vape Expo. The 2nd Vape Expo Shanghai 2018 will be held from 20-22nd July 2018, focusing on China E-cigs industry and work as the outstand platform for vapors , distributors , wholesales ,vendors and vape exhibitors.

Exhibitors from 17 countries and districtmet professional buyers from 25 countries and district during Vape Expo Shanghai 2017. The Vape Expo Shanghai 2018 will keep promoting and marketing .We will invite the 40000 people and 452 Brands of E-cig & E-liquid that from 20 coutries and regions include USA,France,UK,Russia,Indonesia,Malaysia,Italy,Japan etc. The Vape Expo Shanghai 2018 scale will reach to around 20,000 square meters, it will highlight programs such as professional vape trade Show,New products experience & introduction ,Dealer purchasing meeting, the industrial forum, vapor show, Cloud Tricks Performans and Big Cloud Championship -LOV (League of Vape).The Vape Expo Shanghai will be do advertising in more than 100 online medias in domestic and foreign countries.








LOV- Vape

Talent Show

The typhoon to steam Yihai SXmini combination sponsored the 2017 LOV National League finals in Beijing to provide steam rich rewards for players; in addition, to ensure the fairness of the game, the LOV Beijing finals will be full use of the eternal game specified smoke weipu.



The culture of electronic cigarette and steam is a new form of fashion trend. The combination of hip hop and dance will promote the culture of hip hop dance and electronic cigarette and steam culture, which is more and more popular among young people.

New Product

Launch Releasing

New product release, new product customer feedback. To give feedback to the audience with the new products of the business.


Forum&Stores Communication Salon

Activity content: July Shanghai International Exhibition of electronic cigarette, look forward to your visit, together with the big coffee industry long.

report of ShangHai vape show 2017(pdf)